The Sky Blue Parcel

The Sky Blue Parcel features Jane Charles, a heroine for the modern age – intelligent, vulnerable, courageous.

For highflying Jane Charles a job at Her Majesty’s Treasury should have been just another career stepping stone.  But when Jane’s old boss, Home Secretary Kenneth Ormond, asks for her help in finding the £250 million taken from the Mandell Group, Jane finds herself taking more than a professional interest in finding the money.

There was the inexplicable nature of the problem for a start.  Why shouldn’t £250 million be missing from a company with no apparent financial difficulties?  And why were so many people so interested in either helping or hindering her attempts to track it down?

Then there was Mark Mandell, son of the firm’s founder, who seemed to be hiding a secret of his own.  If not his feelings for Jane.

And when people start dying Jane is drawn remorselessly into a web of terrifying events played for even higher stakes.

When The Sky Blue Parcel was first published, The Independent commented:

Jane Charles bears a canny resemblance to James Bond’s latest companion, the gutsy Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), in Casino Royale) – a female Treasury official charged with keeping tabs on the investigators, who subsequently becomes embroiled in espionage and extra-curricular intimacy.

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Here are some other extracts from reviews by readers:

This is a gripping, complex and intelligent thriller. The high-flying heroine at the Treasury, Jane Charles, is courageous, quick-witted and charasmatic, but also human, fallible and totally believable. John Nightingale has created a thriller for our day and age, where conspiracy in the highest offices and embezzlement of public and private funds go unnoticed… until now. Highly recommended.

Fiona Walshe

A very good read with a highly original storyline. Plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing and a fine balance between continuity and action. Can’t wait for the sequel!

Stephen J Croft.

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