John Nightingale is a thriller writer and creator of the David Knight and Jane Charles series.

Before becoming a full-time novelist, John worked as a civil servant in a number of different roles, including as  an expert on pensions, playing a leading role in sorting out the Maxwell pension scandal.  He lives and writes in London and Suffolk and is married and has two daughters.  To find out more about the writer, click here.


The Appearance of Murder COVER1

The Appearance of Murder, an intricate and ever-twisting thriller, featuring crime writer David Knight, is now published by Spider Monkey Books and is available at selected bookshops and on Amazon.  It featured as one of the books of the year 2015 in The Times, was identified as one of 10 Best Books of 2015 on AskMen UK and was chosen by Ian Rankin for his Christmas stocking in December 2015.

John Nightingale’s first novel, The Sky Blue Parcel, features a young high-flying civil servant, Jane Charles, who heads up a team in Her Majesty’s Treasury dealing with large scale financial crime. A follow-up Jane Charles novel is in preparation.

The Sky Blue Parcel is available as an ebook on Amazon. A new ebook version for Kindle and other platforms will be published by Spider Monkey Books soon.

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